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Community Grand Rounds


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Community experts expose painful and traumatic experiences in each presentation. They do so to improve the quality of care other people will receive and to prevent future harms from happening.


Their expertise is rooted in years of preparation and community building. Without community relationships and the support of the people who walk with them in this process, they risk triggering trauma responses and renewed harms. 

Addressing past harms and creating new, equitable practices requires financial support to:

  • Appropriately compensate for each panelist commensurate with their status as experts.

  • Community Support: Skywatchers provides weekly programing that supports and enhances community experts in developing presentation skills, story telling, and community building. Community experts access trauma resilience care and other services through Faithful Fools. Without these resources, community experts are at risk of being re-traumatized and experiencing further exploitation.

To cover the cost of these presentations, we suggest:

$3,000 for existing presentations

$5,000 for custom presentations

We never let money be a barrier, so if you need a different compensation structure please let us know. We do, however, ask that you examine your institution's resources and commitment to addressing health equity as you develop your budget for this presentation. As community partners, we have taken on the cost of supporting community experts (financially and socially) and developing these materials. We are asking that our institutional partners share the expense of doing this work.

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