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Think Tank is a gathering of community members committed to discussing and addressing critical issues that affect our neighborhood, city, and world


March 18th:


April 1st:

Windy Click, Hospitality House

April 15th:

Carmen Barsody

"Almost two years ago, A Tenderloin Think Tank was formed by bringing people together who have a vested interest in the TL; a group of us who care deeply about the neighborhood and are thoughtful in our approach to that care. That’s what powers our think tank and the motivation comes from a shared vision of a thriving, healthier Tenderloin. We may all have differing ideas as to how to get there yet that’s the beauty of being able to sit down and do the work of understanding how those ideas fit together.


The Tenderloin is not only experiencing lack at every turn but an influx of issues more affluent neighborhoods don’t. As each neighborhood is its own microcosm, we’ve explored many issues that systemically affect the TL. How these issues are addressed show that investment or planning within our borders tends to be with the goal of changing us rather than investing in the neighborhood. Perhaps if we were functioning as the community that we need to be, we could watch out for each other.


A community is first defined by location or characteristic but, then, by feeling – one of fellowship & this can be found through shared goals. The Tenderloin is no ordinary neighborhood so, if ever there was one that was a 2nd-level community, it’s here. A TL Think Tank is going to explore just that starting this Wednesday! We meet at Faithful Fools on the 1st & 3rd Wednesdays of every month from 11am til 12:30pm. Please join us; by getting as many different community perspectives as possible, we can create a picture of what the neighborhood is & could be."

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