What holds us separate?

What keeps us separated?

As we walk the streets,

what still connects us?

These are the questions we ask ourselves as we walk the streets. This is our reflective practice and the streets are our retreat center. 

We begin a Street Retreat in a circle introducing ourselves and sharing what has brought each one to the retreat. We discuss our hopes and expectations, as well as the rhythm of the day. Then we set out onto the streets. Adults generally walk by themselves and youth are shadowed by an adult who has previously made a retreat. There is nothing that anyone must or should do except trust that they will be led to that which is theirs to encounter in the day. Later in the day, we come back together to share our experiences and we close by sharing soup and bread.


We invite you to join us for a day on the streets. We can schedule a retreat for your organization, school, or workplace in-service. We also are available to organize a Street Retreat in your hometown. Call or email to get more information or to schedule a special Street Retreat for your school or organization.

A donation of $50 per person is common but no one is ever turned away for lack of funds. Two pennies and a tip of the hat will be gratefully accepted if that is what you have to offer.