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On April 7th, 2018, we celebrated 20 years of living and working in the Tenderloin. We turned to our Ancestors to discover the wisdom we all need to move forward in trying times. 

We celebrated with music performed by 130 singers under the direction of Mark Sumner, Music Director of the Unitarian Universalist Society of San Francisco, special readings rAmu Aki, Jesse Johnson, and Martha Boesing.  Skywatchers, a Tenderloin performance ensemble, brought us a piece from "I got a truth to tell," one of their signature works which combines song, dance, and spoken word.

Alfonzo Honored Kay Jorgensen with a Simple Song

Listen to Our Celebration of 20 Years of Faithful Fools

2018 Remembering Our Way Forward pt1.mp3Artist Name
00:00 / 28:43
Remembering Our Way Forward part2.mp3Artist Name
00:00 / 31:46
Remembering Our Way Forward pt3.mp3Artist Name
00:00 / 34:36

Listen to part 1: Calling Our Ancestors, Freedom Come, Skywatchers "I Got a Truth to Tell"

Listen to part 2:  Falcons in San Francisco by Jesse James Johnson, Song of the Magpie by Martha Boesing, Hope for Resolution by the chorus

Listen to part 2:  Clowns speak Truth to Power, Alfonzo sings "Sing a Simple Song"

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