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Our Wellbeing is Bound Up Together

In June, we celebrate both Queer Pride and Juneteenth, the day the emancipation of all enslaved people finally got word of their freedom (Texas being the last state to spread the word).  It's only right we honor Black Excellence and Queer resilience together.

June 2023 - Pride & Black Excellence
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It was a Great Party!!!!

We were livin' out loud. To be sure we are always livin' out, but on April 1st we were livin' out loud with gusto and several hundred of our friends. Come read all about it and see some photos too!

May 2023 -- It was a Great Party
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This is it!!! Our 25th Anniversary. Come join us!

April 1 2023-25 YEARS!!!!
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Your invitation to our celebration

Honoring our friends, neighbors, and community--See the invitation to our 25th anniversary event.

March 2023 An Invitation
Feb 2023 Celebration
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Come Celebrate 25 years with us!

Reserve your place at our 25th anniversary event. Song, performances, dance and so much more!!

We are are so glad you are part of our community.

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Celebrating the Coming Light

We remember and we celebrate--we remember those who have died on the streets and we celebrate those who bring light to our lives.

Dec 2022-Honoring Light
Oct 2022 Learning at Fools
Home of Faithful Fools

Learning with the Fools

Learning is in full swing and so are we--read about upcoming events.

Aug 2022 Back to School

Back to School

Getting ready for the fall--back to school Fools' style and upcoming events.

June 2022 Your Gift
Carmen in Poetry Box.png

The Gift, Your Gift

Poetry, gifts, and highlights from celebrating our high holy month

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