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Walk 'n Roll is in Full Swing!!!

Carmen is getting her miles in . . . and Flat Carmen is traveling the world. Plus poetry by Spanish poet Antonio Machado "Traveler, There is no Path."



Remembering Norm DePlover and Terry Sullivan. And asking ourselves: When people are offered housing that is cramped, without windows, and isolating, how can we blame them for hesitating to take it? This and other questions of what adequate housing means in this issue of the Fools' eNews.

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We Need Each Other

Linda Chrismann re-introduces to somatic healing, Olin Rocha contemplates accompaniment, and Marissa Silverman, a medical student, contemplates healing at home in an SRO plus a Kim Diamond poem.

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Walk 'n Roll Celebration

Walk 'n Roll with us in Celebration of Solidarity and Carmen's 60th Birthday!


What's a Coddiwomple? Foolishly wandering to an as-yet unknown destination, of course.  Learn about that, what's on the mind of Chicago Fool Marvin Fourte, and much more