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Share the Love of Poetry

Poetry should live in the world. It should be visible. Your eyes should rest on it in the park, on a bus, and when you get dressed in the morning. Poetry doesn't have to be hard or long. It can comfort and it can challenge. Sometimes poetry makes you laugh and sometimes it makes you think. Sometimes it makes you laugh and think at the same time.

Poems to Print

Here are poems you can share with friends. You can download them, share them, and place them where ever you wish. Perhaps on the bulletin board at the laundry mat or on a friend's desk at work or in a partner's pocket. 

This poem by Elma Mitchell proclaims the dangers of poem. You are fairly warned, now click the button and enjoy

Lynn Ungar's poem is truly about Faithful Fools. We are so glad to share it with you.

The Lost Thought red.png

When you put a poem in a fun spot or share with it a friend, feel free to share the experience with us.

#FoolsPoetry or #PutPocketPoetry @faithfulfools.

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If you want to share a special poem directly with us, send it to

Poets & Poems to Discover

brown girl dreaming book.jpg

Jacqueline Woodson is an inspiration, a truth teller, and now a McArthur Fellow. Her poetry is such a gift. We are particularly taken with brown girl dreaming but all of her work is amazing.

Check her out.

Screen Shot 2022-03-19 at 3.49.18 PM.png

Barbara Jane Reyes teaches, writes and speaks to the 'translatable and untranslatable collisions of writing, self, and culture.  Her work brings into direct contact with Filipina experiences. Expect her to expect you to be present and attentive. 

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