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Reflections on Gratitude and Acknowledgement

Updated: Nov 12, 2021

Casualty of War, Photo by Algie Abrams

November immediately pops into our mind as the month to celebrate gratitude and thanksgiving. Thanksgiving, as a US holiday, is generally a time to gather and share with friends and family, to feast and discuss all the many ways we have been blessed and are grateful. We also take a moment to acknowledge that our homes and communities are on the ancestral and unceded lands of those who were here long before european settlers arrived. Yes, thanksgiving and acknowledgement go hand in hand.

November is also the month we've dedicated to honor our veterans here in the US. It was November 1954 when our nation began observing November 11th as a day of remembrance for those who served in our military

and died while serving.

This poem by Ed Bowers serves as a reminder of our gratitude to the Veterans who have served our nation. The fact that we have homeless veterans on the streets is a harsh and sad reality. Homeless Veterans should be a statement of the past and our local, state and federal government should be prioritizing this crisis in a way that is urgent, human and just. Our Veterans have already invested, sacrificed and fulfilled their duties for this nation and we have an obligation to see that they are provided this basic human right.

November is indeed a month to give thanks, not just for our own personal blessings, but for our Veterans and all those that make our nation a safe place to call home. To our Veterans, thank you for your service.

Yes, oh, yes, thanksgiving and acknowledgement go hand in hand as we remember where we’ve come from, all those who we honor for their sacrifices, and those whose land we walk upon. We offer thanks and we continue seek to make amends.

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