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Walk 'n Roll

Updated: Sep 4, 2021

This coming October 28th I, Carmen Barsody, a co-founder of Faithful Fools, turn 60. Who woulda thunk?! 🤡 In honor of my 60 years, I have decided to walk. 👣 I will walk 60 miles (at least) and set a goal to raise $60K to support the dynamic work and life of Faithful Fools. For the past two Aprils we have not been able to have our Fools’ Feast, the joyful occasion when we come together near our high holy day as Fools to dance, laugh, sing and celebrate the generosity and commitment of all who are part of Faithful Fools’ community. It is our annual fundraiser to sustain our work throughout the year.

In anticipation and celebration of my completing 60 circles around the sun, I invite you to join me for Walk ‘N Roll in Solidarity. Whether you move with a wheelchair, a walker, a bike, a golf cart, a tractor, a stroller, or your own feet, you are invited to move with me and others as we say YES to life, and YES to many more revolutions around the sun for our ever-expanding work as Faithful Fools. Every being has worth and every being is worthy of housing, food, healthcare, education, and respectful and supportive relationships that reflect their incredible worth. That is what I have worked for throughout most of my life, and I know I share that commitment with all of you. My greatest gift will be the opportunity to continue moving with others and keeping the work of Faithful Fools relevant and strong.

The first walk on Friday the 24th of September, and the closing walk on my birthday, Thursday October 28th, will be a street retreat in the Tenderloin community in San Francisco. In-between those dates I will walk various places here in California and in Minnesota. I will walk from the home of Faithful Fools on Hyde Street, out to Ocean Beach to place my feet in the Pacific Ocean that connects us with Nicaragua and the Bufones Fieles (Faithful Fools) with whom I lived and worked with my Franciscan Community before coming to San Francisco. I, together with some of my family, will walk from the house where we first lived in Elk River, Minnesota, which is also right by the church and school we all attended, and near the old home of my maternal grandparents. We will walk out to where my mother lives now, to the place where my paternal grandparents lived, and where we moved as a family in 1972. My heart smiles at the thought of doing this pilgrimage with my family, my first “community” that rooted me in love and generosity, and still do. I know my dad and grandparents will be walking right along with us.

There will be lots of walking and rolling, conversing and laughing along the way, as well as deep thoughts, new ideas, and new and renewed relationships to continue our work as Faithful Fools. As walks are planned, we will post them on our web page, There will also be a blog page where I, and others, will share thoughts and memories as we walk. If you’d like to plan a walk or roll wherever you live, or one in the Bay Area and invite me and other friends and Fools along with you to support our work and celebrate life, let us know. You can invite people to support the magnificent work of Faithful Fools by donating to your specific walk. How wonderful it will be to have Faithful Friends and Fools moving in celebration and commitment with one another across the globe.

As I begin yet another rotation around the sun, I invite you to make a donation as I commit to walk 60+ miles in hopes of raising $60,000. You can donate 2 pennies, 2 dollars, 5 dollars or 100 dollars for every year I have lived. No amount is too large or too small, for we all well know, every penny counts. Along with your donation I invite you to share a memory you have of me or Faithful Fools that you appreciate. Let us infuse our pathways with gratitude, generosity and commitment to continue our work in the Tenderloin and in Nicaragua, and wherever Faithful Fools roam.

[MOU1]Reminder we don’t have the pledge option – they can donate a fixed amount or fundraise themselves….perhaps mention this option as well? Say something like “you can be a part of our abundance team who will invite other friends to donate….”

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