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Support Faithful Fools Putting Poetry in Pockets & Mailboxes

What do Fools do? A little bit of everything . . . from advocacy to accompaniment. And, yes, we even send poetry out into the world to bring comfort and inspiration in times of need. Is this a time of need? Yes, it is. We are all weary. But why poetry?

Because Poetry slips into your life as gently and calmly as it slips into your heart and mind. Poetry is the all-purpose combination of words and spaces and rhymes and syncopation that brings us closer to ourselves and our neighbors. 

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We are asking you to support us in the work we do. You can send poetry out into the world and you can donate--a few dollars or many dollars--to support our work in the Tenderloin and around the world.

Join us in the Put Pocket Poetry Project

What is Put-Pocket Poetry?

You know what a Pick-Pocket does, don't you? Well, a Put-Pocket is just the opposite. Read here about Faithful Fools original Put-Pocket, and what better to put in a pocket than poetry?

How can I be a Poetry Put-Pocket?

You can put poetry in many places . . . in a loved one's pocket, in the mail, on a public bench for the unsuspecting to find. Look here. You can find poetry to print out and hand around or put on walls and bulletin boards around your community. You can even get some poetry postcards to put in the mail to your friends and family (or even use a magnet to post them on your refrigerator. 

When you put poetry into the world, take a picture of it or send us a story about it and we will post it to a special page for #PoetryPutPockets.

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